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Nyaka provides community-based solutions to address the needs of orphaned and vulnerable children in rural southwestern Uganda. We surround each child with a comprehensive support system. This is comprised of interrelated programs developed and led by our community, where children are nurtured and protected so they can learn, grow, and thrive. 

"Orphaned children don’t have money to pay for school - so we made it free."

Twesigye Jackson KaguriFounder and CEO of Nyaka
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Cornerstone: The Story of Nyaka.

History of Nyaka

2001 - Nyaka AIDS Orphans Project Founded

Twesigye Jackson Kaguri founded Nyaka in response to the devastating impact of HIV/AIDS in his home village and surrounding districts. Nyaka’s mission is to provide free education to children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

2003 - Nyaka Primary Opens

It all began with the Nyaka Primary School, a two-room school on a small plot of land serving 55 students. All the students had lost one or more parent to HIV/AIDS and lived in extreme poverty.

2004 - Nyaka Primary School Grows

As enrollment increased, we built additional classrooms to accommodate the growth. We knew the urgency of getting children in school quickly, so we made use of each new building as soon as it was complete. We used new buildings even as the rest of the school was still being constructed!

2005 - Nyakagezi Gets Clean Water

A gravity-fed clean water system was built to provide clean water to 17,500 community members. Then we placed tap systems throughout the community. This meant women and girls no longer had to walk for miles to gather water, miss school, and risk assault.

2006 - Nutrition Program Launches

The nutrition program began after teachers noticed students fell asleep in class, because they were too hungry and had too little energy to learn. We built kitchens at both primary schools to provide two hot meals every school day.

2007 - Grandmother Program Grows

Grandmothers raising HIV/AIDS orphans had few resources. We launched the Grandmothers program with 51 Grandmother groups of 25-70 members each, and they gave each other peer support. Soon after, we began providing them with microfinance loans and training in budgeting, leadership, agriculture, and child rearing.

2008 - First Nyaka Graduation

The pioneer class of Nyaka Primary School graduated from primary school in 2008. There were 22 graduates, 21 of whom passed their national exams to attend secondary or vocational school. Nyaka sponsored these students to attend secondary and vocational schools in the region.

2008 - Kutamba Primary School Opens

After a young boy named Hilary traveled 40 miles when he heard there was a school for HIV/AIDS orphans like him, we decided to build a school in his community. Kutamba was built over several years, admitting a new class each year, just as with Nyaka Primary School.

2009 - Blue Lupin Library Opens

Kicked off in 2009 and completed in 2010, the library provides access to newspapers, literature, computers, solar powered Wi-Fi, and a safe place to study for thousands of students and community members in Nyakagyezi.

2009 - Desire Farm Grows

Our farm began small, but has grown to encompass 10 acres of crops with cows, chickens, and other livestock to provide food for the primary schools. Since then, the farm has created new sources of employment for the area, made food cheaper at the primary schools, and opened up new, sustainable revenue streams through the sale of surplus crops. The farm’s impact has been profound.

2011 - Health Clinic Completed

The Mummy Drayton School Clinic was built to provide free and low-cost healthcare and medicine to students, Grandmothers, and community members. Although both primary schools had a school nurse, the need for healthcare was greater than what they could provide alone.

2012 - First Kutamba Graduation

The 29 students in Kutamba Primary School’s pioneer class graduated! Sheila (pictured center left) danced all the way to the ceremony because she was so excited. They joined 30 Nyaka Primary School and 15 regional secondary school graduates.

2014 - First Nyaka Students Graduate

The first class of Nyaka Primary School students graduated from secondary school! Fourteen students received their high school diplomas. Twelve of these students applied to universities to continue their education.

2015 - Vocational and Secondary School Opens

Fifty students came from Nyaka and Kutamba Primary Schools to begin their first day of secondary school. Construction on the school continued until 2020.

2016 - Secondary School Grows

The school grew to educate over 160 students. After that, six out of the eight planned buildings were opened and operational, including the administration building, girls’ dormitory, boys’ dormitory, biology and computer labs, and the carpentry, brick laying, mechanical, and metal workshops.

2018 - EDJA Joins Nyaka

EDJA Foundation was started by Tabitha Mpamira in 2015 to combat sexual assault and gender-based violence in southwestern Uganda. Nyaka and EDJA merged in 2018 to strengthen capacity and help more victims become victors. The program is supporting 120 victors, and has secured convictions of 43 perpetrators. And 10,000 community members have been educated on SGBV prevention.

2019 - SGBV (EDJA) Program grows

We opened 3 more Healing Centers, bringing our total to 4 Healing Centers. All of our Healing Centers are hosted by hospitals or health centers in Kanungu (Kambuga Hospital, Kanungu Health Center IV, Kihihi Health Center IV, and Nyamirama Health Centre III), and our staff work in partnership with local police and other agencies to provide medical care, legal advocacy, and counseling to survivors across the district.

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