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Nyaka serves children who arrive at school hungry, walk miles to the nearest stream, and have families that can’t afford medicine or routine checkups. It’s vital that we meet their fundamental needs, day in and day out. We work hard to ensure each child has access to clean water, nutritious food, medical care, dental care, and information to keep them safe and healthy. 

Our health and nutrition programs contribute the realization of these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Nutrition and water.

Water access is a challenge in the remote areas we work. So we built and maintain two gravity-fed water systems that serve thousands of families and reduce the spread of preventable waterborne illnesses. These systems also help protect women and girls, who are vulnerable to sexual assault as they walk long distances to fetch water.

Poverty and food insecurity in our community means many children are malnourished. So we provide two meals a day in our schools, ensuring each child has what they need to thrive. Much of the food is grown on our own farm, reducing food costs and increasing access to a balanced diet.

Community health.

In an area where access to healthcare is limited, Nyaka’s two clinics respond to great need. Each year, we carry out 6,400 medical consultations and administer 650 childhood vaccinations. We provide antenatal care to 15 women every month. And all Nyaka school students receive vaccinations and free medical and dental care whenever they need it.

We also play a large role in community health education, holding clinics and sessions designed to teach caregivers and other community members essentials like hygiene, nutrition, maternal health, and HIV/AIDS prevention.

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Sexual and reproductive health.

Nyaka supports sexual and reproductive health on multiple fronts. We provide sanitary napkins to girls in our school, so they don’t miss days due to menstruation. And we offer antenatal and postnatal care to ensure safe and healthy deliveries.

HIV/AIDS education is a key element of our program, from in-school information to Grandmother group learning sessions. And larger community sensitization occurs through our partnership with local radio stations, which reach 400,000 people in the region.

Nyaka’s students educate the community about HIV/AIDS through monthly radio shows, songs, and skits at schools, churches, and gatherings.

Spotlight on Nyaka's Anti-AIDS Club and Choir.

If you tune into FM radio in southwestern Uganda, you just might hear the songs and voices of Nyaka’s Anti-AIDS Club and Choir. These clubs are made up of students dedicated to educating the public on topics specifically related to HIV/AIDS. Besides reaching thousands through radio, these students travel throughout their communities, conducting sensitization sessions at other schools and churches through songs, poems, and stories.

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Every child deserves food, water, healthcare, shelter. And we rely on your donations to provide these to our children.