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Nyaka Partnerships

Welcome! As a partner in the SAS program, you play a crucial role in helping Nyaka to continue making an impact and creating generational change for the most vulnerable children in rural southwestern Uganda. Your contribution is the vehicle mobilizing the resources needed to provide students with a high quality education to learn, grow and thrive.

Track 1
Scholastic Partner

As a Scholastic Partner, you will have the opportunity to build life-impacting 1:1 relationships with your student. In this collaborative partnership with Nyaka, you will contribute and provide your student with the education they need to thrive.

This Partnership Offers:

  • A welcome message from your student
  • A yearly photo of your student – to watch how much they have grown over the year
  • Two letters a year from your student: A Back to School and Holiday Letter
  • A Thank You letter from them upon graduation
  • A SAS Bi-Annual Newsletter

The knowledge you are helping change this child’s life!

A Scholastic Partner will make a payment through our monthly or annual subscription process at the rate of $42 monthly or $504 yearly for a Primary Student and $85 monthly or $1020 yearly for a Secondary Student.

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Track 2
NEST Partner

A NEST Partner is a great way to be involved, participate and contribute to ensure all students receive quality educational programs and activities.

This Partnership Offers:

  • A NEST Partner will receive a SAS Bi-Annual Newsletter to be updated about Nyaka’s educational programs and learn about the community and culture in Uganda.

The knowledge you are helping change these children’s lives!

A NEST Partner will make a donation at a custom amount, supporting Nyaka, in ensuring top notch educational programs and activities for all students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my money go directly to my student and their family?

As a sponsor, you are connected to just one child. However, sponsored children do not receive direct cash benefits. Your monthly donation is pooled for maximum effectiveness - meaning sponsored children do not receive these funds directly. Your support is combined with those of other sponsors to fund long-term community development programs that benefit your sponsored student and their community, as well as other children in need.

How long is my sponsorship commitment?

Your sponsorship is an ongoing commitment that helps your sponsored child and their community create better lives for themselves and their families. We work with children from the moment they become a Nyaka student, usually around age 5, all the way through vocational training or University. You may stop your sponsorship at any time but your ongoing support allows you to see your student grow and mature from a young child into a future leader!

Is this child “real”? Do others sponsor the same child?

Each child is matched with only one sponsor. We work diligently to ensure every Nyaka student has the opportunity to be sponsored. Through this sponsorship you have the opportunity to create a relationship with your student through letters, pictures and videos. Several sponsors have visited their students in rural Uganda, and we welcome you to do the same!

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Without you, we wouldn’t have a team caring for and supporting each Nyaka child.