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Encouraging curious minds today,
so they can build their own tomorrows

Many children in southwestern Uganda don’t have access to a good education. So last year, we put 780 students through school, from nursery to university. And we’re on track to educate at least that many in 2023.

High-quality instruction and above average attendance and test scores set us apart. But more importantly, we care for the hearts of our children — nurturing their spirits, addressing their worries, playing with them at recess. Changing the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children, one school day at a time.

Our education program contributes to the realization of these UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Primary education

Nyaka and Kutamba Primary Schools were the first two schools we opened and operated. Nyaka Primary School opened in 2003 and Kutamba Primary School in 2009. Unlike many schools in Uganda, our students do not have to pay any school fees. And students are given everything they need to succeed: textbooks, uniforms, shoes, two meals every school day, medicine, dental care, and scholastic materials.

Secondary education

Once a student is admitted into Nyaka’s education program, they are guaranteed support to achieve their academic goals. This looks different for each student. Some may go on to secondary school and university. Others choose to learn a trade through a vocational program. At Nyaka Vocational & Secondary School, we train students in tailoring, brick making and brick laying, carpentry, and computer science.

Beginning in 2015, all students who graduate from Nyaka or Kutamba Primary Schools can attend Nyaka Vocational & Secondary School. And older students are given scholarships to attend other secondary or vocational schools in the region.

Sponsor All Students

Give a child the gift of an education. For only a few dollars a month, you can impact the life of a child for decades to come.

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Tertiary Education

After secondary school, students are supported in their tertiary or higher education goals.

And as students prepare to graduate, Nyaka conducts workshops to help them transition — equipping them with life skills and preparing them for the job market.

"I love teaching because as I teach, I create many friends."

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Spotlight on Nyaka's Robotics Camp

The Nyaka Vocational & Secondary School hosted their second annual Robotics Camp this past December. Eighty-two students joined to learn software development, robotics, and web design through hands-on instruction. After ten hard days of learning and work, they presented projects designed to improve their community: visual assist robots to help the blind, automatic irrigation robots to improve crop growth, and a website connecting job hunters with employment opportunities.

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Your contributions keep our children learning, so their futures can be as bright as their spirits.