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We believe passionately that our programs change lives. The long-term involvement of Nyaka program participants and supporters worldwide are a testament to the enormous impact our work has made on the life experiences of individuals and communities over the past two decades.

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Our programs are well-established, community- driven, proven, and replicable.


Nyaka children reached by our programming
Nyaka Grandmothers


Grandmothers participate as caregivers for vulnerable children


Students educated this year by Nyaka
Nyaka Staff


Of Nyaka alumni give their time and resources to the next generation


People across two districts marched against sexual and gender-based violence


Repayment rate in our Grandmothers microfinance program

"There is nothing better than being able to give back to the community that has touched you."

Denis14 years with Nyaka
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Monitoring and evaluation.

We’re passionate about data. We’ve collected quantitative and qualitative data on the lives and experiences of Nyaka participants for decades. From Grandmothers sharing how access to microfinance has changed their lives to exemplary university admissions rates, the data demonstrates the success of our alumni and proves the impact we’ve had on our community. Our newly established M&E arm uses both local talent and experienced international consultants to further this effort. And we’re training community and staff members in cutting-edge digital data collection methods and statistical analysis to inform our programs.

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