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Our mission.


Nyaka works with communities to nurture and protect children so they can learn, grow, and thrive.

Our model.

Our work has grown up and graduated right alongside our children. We started as a single schoolhouse with two teachers. When children needed pencils, we bought pencils. When they needed food, we made food. Now, Nyaka has evolved into a global team building a replicable model of child-centered care for rural communities.

Our programs are wide-ranging and far-reaching. Because we know there is no single magic bullet that will change the life of a child.

Grandmothers Nyaka


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We offer high-quality education from preschool through university to vulnerable children in Uganda. Our two primary schools and our secondary school cultivate curious minds and nurture and protect children who attend. Capable hands are guided through vocational training. And caring hearts are tended to by our teachers, who are trained to look after the emotional and social development of our children.

Nyaka Education


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Every child deserves a family. So 20,000 Nyaka Grandmothers volunteer to care for 80,000 orphaned Nyaka children. This innovative, scalable, home-based model of care aids the healthy development of each child. Regular meetings provide training and support, while our microfinance programs strengthen these households as women invest in each other and their own futures. 

Health + Nutrition

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Day in and day out, children need healthy food, clean water, and access to healthcare. So we provide it — from at-school nutrition programs and free medical and dental clinics, to community public health education and clean water systems. Nyaka takes care of the physical needs of each child so they can focus on what they need to focus on: being children. 

Sexual + Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)

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Sexual and gender-based violence is an epidemic in Uganda, as it is around the world. It’s a real and present problem in the communities we serve — with little to no resources available to support survivors. Our dedicated staff supports victims, from providing medical and therapeutic care, to ensuring the justice system holds perpetrators accountable.

"Being a nurse is more of a calling than a profession."

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